WAUA is a blog written by Fredrik Torisson, a PhD student at ResArc, the National Swedish Research school of Architecture at Lund University.

Fredrik is the author of the book Berlin- matter of memory, which was published by Ratatosk in 2010

The focus of the blog is architecture, urbanism and art.

The material published are sketches for longer texts and articles.


Recent articles:

Monu Magazine #15
The Khmer Rouge and the control of urban space
published in November 2011
(Review here)

Block Magazine #2
The Berliner Stadtschloss- creating a past for the future
published in September 2011

Conditions #8
Building the future or for the future?
published in June 2011

Reviews of Berlin- matter of memory

Building Design, March 11, 2011, by Owen Hatherley

Sydsvenska Dagbladet, April 18, 2011, by Östen Rosvall

Arbetsbok, March 26, 2011, by Håkan Forsell

Svenska Dagbladet, December 18, 2010, by Aron Aspenström

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  1. The “ZAPPATA ROMANA” map on community-run green areas in Rome is on line.

    The map points out about 50 community-run green areas like little urban gardens, play yards, edible gardens, urban farms and areas for walking, resting, or simply talking found in the city where citizens and associations have been acting together to reclaim abandoned areas.

    The map by studioUAP is in progress.

    More info can be found in: http://www.urbanarchitectureproject.org/

    Thank you for your attention


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